What Happened to the Handwritten Thank You?

What Happened to the Handwritten Thank You?

There is nothing more genuine than a handwritten note. In today’s technology driven society, the thank you note has morphed from handwritten and personal to typed and impersonal. Some of us write emails or even drop a line on a friend or colleagues Facebook page. Sure the good intention is still there, but nothing says thank you more sincere than a handwritten note. When you hand write something it says you care because you took the time out of your busy day to sit down and write it.

If you already hand write thank you notes, cheers to you! For business and personal reasons, you may want to take it to the next level by investing in custom designed stationery. This not only for fun personal use, but can be a cohesive way to brand your business.

From a business perspective, using a branded thank you note with your name/logo on it exhibits professionalism and care. Wouldn’t you much rather send a client a thank you with branded stationery that you are proud to send out? If you have business cards, marketing collateral and a website with your brand, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate that look into your stationery as well?

The stationery below was created for The Mamones, a talented husband and wife photography team. There are thank you notes for each “Boardroom, Bedroom and Ballroom” client, as well as a “love” card, designed as an anniversary card to congratulate couples on their marriage milestones. The design is simple and sleek to match their current brand & different colored categories. We also created note cards for them to send little notes to colleagues and clients too!


We also created fun branding and thank you stationery for the talented and creative Jen Rios, owner and lead designer of Jen Rios Design. Below are her custom thank you note cards, matching business cards and fun cheers tags that hang on mini champagne bottles for her new brides! This is the perfect example of stationery and branding going hand in hand and how personal thank you stationery adds that extra touch.


For those who don’t own a business, personal stationery can be a fun gift for yourself or someone else. Monogrammed personal stationery makes great gifts for newlyweds who LOVE their new last name and can be a treat for yourself as something fun to have “just because.”

There are so many options when choosing the right personal stationery for you. Will you need a folded card or flat card or do you need a notepad? Colored or white envelopes? What information & design do you want printed on it?

For us, custom designed stationery and more importantly the handwritten thank you note is a must! Whenever you use it, it should make you and your recipient smile.

Contact us today to see how we can help you design your custom personal stationery or visit our Etsy shop to see some of our pre-designed stationery!