New Year, New Branding

New Year, New Branding

‘Tis the season for branding! Lately, we have been noticing a large trend in logo design and marketing & branding needs. With the new year approaching, companies are turning to new branding initiatives in order to stay fresh and continue success in the upcoming year. Take a look at some of these logos we have been working on for companies wanting to stay ahead of the curve in 2014!

A + L Floral Design

a + l floral logo

This logo was created for a new floral design company in Dallas that wanted a classic and elegant but trendy logo, we think this is just that!

P.S. I Love You Too

ps ILU Logo and cards

We captured the playful personalities of the merging of two wedding planning companies into one logo. Creating a brand centered around a love letter, we also designed these business cards that kept cohesive with brand identity. The gray ring around the logo was printed with a silver foil to give the card extra sparkle.

R Love Floral Designs

R love logo cards

R love thank yous

This logo design was created for an emerging floral design company. We captured the brand’s soft, whimsical and playful feel in the logo and carried the brand identity through business cards and thank you notes. No brand is complete without stationery!

Bee sure to check out more of our branding in our biz branding portfolio! Looking to create a new brand, enhance your brand with marketing materials,  or re-brand all together? Give us a buzz to see how we can help you!